First Bundle of Five Lectures Done…

It is five of the myths that swirl around creation of words. And this week I will be finishing up the last three lectures in the Roadblocks bundle.

I want to do the last two bundles (10 lectures on myths) but not one person has bought a bundle, not one. Lifetime subscribers to the lectures get them, so I will finish the last two bundles for them. And that is the best way to buy these, as I have said.

So still going forward with them, clearly mostly just for my own entertainment. (grin)

And in the Licensing Transition, Kris and I have a number of new videos to add into August in this next week. We knew August would be slow there, but working on a couple of projects has really gotten us some new information. And me working on the Trademark For Fiction Writers book has made a lot of sense out of some things as well.

So as I wait for the big project to fire up, I will be doing the lectures, the videos on licensing, and reading a bunch of great stories from the Great Challenge. So going to be a busy and fun week.

Keep writing and having fun out there as the Time of Great Forgetting eases past.

And don’t forget the September workshops are now available on Teachable.