Best Start So Far…

This was in the 5k the day before the Rock and Roll Marathon and Half Marathon. About 30,000 plus were running. Massive to say the least.

Even with bad traffic, we got there in time and I stayed with Kris for the start. Then I went out ahead of her as I normally do. And for the first time I was feeling great. Didn’t need to walk at all.

Until, that is, just beyond the 1.5 mile mark when I tripped on something and instantly hit the concrete very hard. Managed to fall correctly, so only jarred myself, knocked the wind out of me, and I have some great bruises on my shoulder and side.

I got going again with the help of a number of very nice people who were very worried about the 68 year-old-guy on the ground. I walked and did a little running the rest of the way and finished.

Still thinking of the half-marathon tomorrow afternoon, but I will see how banged up I really am in the morning. Got a hunch I have injured a few old ribs, jammed my shoulder pretty bad, and wrenched my back a little. So leaving the decision until the afternoon tomorrow.

After all, I am only 68. What’s a few injuries?

Pictures of me and Kris with our medals on The Strip headed back to our car. We decided on the way back to go get a nice dinner at the Wyn in our jogging clothes. Great food.