The Voice Does It Again…

I think almost every coach and a few of the guest coaches on The Voice have told a singer in one way or another that perfect is a bad thing.

Wow, we were stopping the show the last few days every time a coach said that and we gave up after five or six stops just this week alone.

I know most of you reading this will just shake your head and go away and wonder why we are watching a reality show like The Voice. The reason is that we learn a ton from it every season. We learn about drive, about technique, and about how really dangerous perfection can be to an art.

And many of you would learn from the show as well if you got your noses out of the air and opened your ears and actually listened as if it was a major writer talking to you every time one of the coaches talked.

Now I am not saying that a writer shouldn’t do the very best they can every time. But perfect grammar and all that does not make a good story. In fact, that search for perfection through a ton of rewriting and reworking makes your stories dull and lifeless and voiceless.

Those new singers are there to learn from the top in their field, so they are all hungry for knowledge. And often a coach in a battle will say the choice will come down to who takes their notes and applies them the best. And often that note is to kill the perfection and put themselves into a song.

Be yourself, let it go, rough it up some to put some of your personality in the work. Make your work original to you.

Over the years I have said that more times here in more ways than I can count about writing, but after watching The Voice once again tonight I figured why not one more time. Why not?

So you can shake your head and walk away with the knowledge now that you are superior to me and Kris because you don’t watch that crap.

And we’ll just keep learning.

And that desire to keep learning from every place we can learn from is why we are still here and writing and making a living with our writing after 40 years.