A Great Picture…

Not sure where it was taken recently. At one convention or another, but it came across Facebook and I was stunned at what a great picture it was of four of the greatest writers in science fiction.

And how we had all aged. (We all used to look young, honest.)

David Brin (on the right) is almost exactly my age. Greg Bear (on the left) is a year younger. Vernor Vinge in the blue jacket is six years older than me and Gregory Benford is nine years older than I am.

And they all started publishing in the middle to late 1960s except for David who started in the 1970s. (I sold my first two short stories in 1974.)

Over the years I have been very lucky to have spent a lot of hours with these wonderful and talented men. Very, very lucky.

But since I don’t go to conventions much anymore, it has been many, many years, sadly, that I have shared a meal or time with any of them.

So I thought I would share this wonderful picture of David’s. (Mostly for me because it brought back great memories.)

(If you don’t like one of their books, please keep it to yourself, but if you want to recommend any of their work in a positive manner, feel free to post it in a comment for others to find.)