First Some Thoughts on Time Management…

Over the next few days I will be  doing two blogs that will, in essence be the introduction chapters to the book Living at Pulp Speed Five. But before I got to that (which will have some basic time management stuff in them and more in the blogs as the challenge goes along) I wanted to talk here about time management and give you something that might help some of you.

Many of you will be following the Pulp Speed Five Challenge here (or closer in the daily letters) wondering how I will be able to be consistent and carve out the time from my busy days for 100 days. And to be honest, that is one thing I am the most worried about as well, because I have only been living her in Vegas four weeks now.

So this will be new to me completely as I go and I will be making adjustments on the fly and will talk about them here in the blogs that will turn into chapters of the non-fiction writing book. (And in more detail in the daily letters.) Not a clue what adjustments I will need to make, but I know they will happen.

On top of that, this challenge has a length of time that crosses over a lot of life stuff for me as well. A major workshop (Master Business Workshop), a marathon I hope to run (so a lot of exercise), my birthday, Thanksgiving, the starting of the anthology workshop, and who knows what else.

Plus as the CFO of WMG Publishing Inc, we are still working out a ton of new systems with me here and the businesses still on the Oregon Coast.

So writing at Pulp Speed Five for 100 days is going to push my talents at carving out time for writing from a crazy busy life.

But I want to try it, so here we go. Starts on Sunday. (So three days left to sign up for the Follow Along. Still a few spots left.)

Now I could write a ton of words here about how to carve out time, but I did an 8 video lecture back in 2013 about this very topic.

So here is the lecture for free for all of you to listen to. First off, remember, there are no passwords anymore. Old system. Lecture will just remain on your Teachable dashboard for you to review over and over if you want.

And that was my business office three offices ago. Also keep in mind I recorded this five years ago, when the lectures and workshops were just getting started.

Here is how to get to the free lecture called Carving Out Time for Your Writing. (It normally coasts $50.00. Over the next few months, as well as doing new workshops and this challenge, I will also be recording new lectures.)

First go to

And set up an account if you don’t have one. It’s free.

Then hit the “all courses” at the top and find the Carving Out Time lecture and hit “Enroll in Course” which will take you to the next page.

On the next page, right under the first panel, is a link that says “Add Coupon.” Hit that and put the code in the coupon area and you should be in without charge. It will remain then on your dashboard for you to return to at any point.

Any problems, or questions, feel free to write me.

Carving Out Time Lecture code:


Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might need it.