Yes, We Are Smack In The Middle Of The Time Of Great Forgetting…

This time of the year, writers sort of forget about their writing with all the distractions of life, summer, vacations, graduations, and so on. All the wonderful writing goals set early in the year are just sort of pushed aside.

This Forgetting time period lasts from late April until late July. Then writers sort of wake up, try to get restarted, and wonder what happened to all the goals of the year. Very disheartening and it happens to many year-after-year. And it is very, very hard to restart at that point.

Since we have a bunch of new workshops starting in July and August (to be announced), and a great line-up of workshops in June, we thought we would try to help some in this time period.

Taking a workshop only takes a few hours a week and it will at least, with the assignment deadlines, help you stay focused on writing during the Time of Great Forgetting and maybe even get some writing done because you are staying focused.

So for for exactly one week, starting today, May 21st and ending late on Sunday, May 27th, we are offering the same workshop special deal we give in a Kickstarter.

Two Regular Workshops and Two Classic Workshops for $500.00 total.

You can keep them as credits until you use them, be we hope you use a few of them in the next few months to fight back the Time of Great Forgetting. You will be happy you did when you hit August and September and are trying to restart.

So to be clear.

—Offer is for one week only.

— Two regular workshops and two classic workshops for $500. (The same amount we give in Kickstarters.)

— You can use them at your own pace.

— And you can buy more than one of these if you like. No limit.

Write me at for questions. Or just pay through Paypal normally and then let me know you have so I can mark down your credits.

July-October workshop lists will be posted in a day or so. Some great new workshops coming. And more webinar workshops as well coming in June. Going to be a fun summer around here for those who stay focused on the writing.


Vegas Workshops

We have a nifty new web site for the Vegas workshops. Pretty clear and simple address and a really nifty site that just launched describing the Vegas workshops.

And speaking of the Vegas workshops, we are about to end the special deal we were offering. A couple more days is all. Write me if interested. The deal is if you pay for four Vegas workshops (that you can take at any time over the next four years), you get a free Dean and Kris show or two free online workshops. ($600 value.) And yes, if you have already paid for one, it counts as one of the four.


Insider’s Guide Webinar workshops.

The second week and second webinar sessions for the Insider’s Guide workshops went well from my side, at least. Serial Fiction and Writing Detective Fiction. Both workshops will close tomorrow (Monday evening). You can get information on Teachable before I shut them off to new sign-ups.

Again, Lifetime Workshop subscribers will always be able to get to the videos, but after two more weeks the webinar part will be done. And no, they were not recorded, or will they ever be.


Lifetime Workshop Subscription

Lifetime Workshop subscribers can take any workshop they want at any time at their own pace. And turn in assignments when they want. The regular workshops on the lifetime panel are dated earlier, but they are identical to the current ones. If we change anything in a workshop, I will update that workshop on the lifetime subscription panel.

If you have taken less than five workshops, you can just buy it directly on Teachable for $3,000. (Right now about $11,000 in value of workshops.) If you have taken over five workshops, the cost is $2,500 through Paypal and you need to write me. If you have taken ten workshops, the price is $2,000 and you need to write me.

We have nine different new workshops scheduled coming up this year. Going to be great fun. And maybe two new webinar workshops in June.

Also, with new workshops, we will offer it a month ahead for only lifetime subscribers before opening it up. I’ll talk more about this later, but the reason is that with the ten or so lifetime subscribers, I don’t want to get swamped on any workshop with too many people taking it. So we will open any new workshop only to lifetime subscribers first.


June Regular Workshops

All twelve June Regular six-week workshops are now available on Teachable for sign-ups. The few of you who have signed up through me using credits will get a code shortly.

Class #61… June 5th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #62… June 5th … Endings
Class #63… June 5th … Point of View
Class #64… June 5th … Writing Mysteries
Class #65… June 5th … Speed
Class #66… June 5th … Teams in Fiction
Class #67… June 6th … Depth in Writing
Class #68… June 6th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #69… June 6th … Character Development
Class #70… June 6th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #71… June 6th … Advanced Depth
Class #72… June 6th … Novel Structure

July-October Schedule coming shortly. New June Webinars announced shortly as well.