Ramp Up On Exercise…

Going to hit it hard. I kind of let my steps and other stuff slip after the Licensing Expo. So tomorrow I ramp for the summer. Going to 12,000 steps a day and try to keep that as a streak and no more than 1,200-1,500 calories a day intake on most days. That will drop two pounds a week, a top line on healthy weight loss.

It’s a famous diet I am using. Eat Less and Move Around More.

I’ve lost over 60 pounds doing that so far, and I got a marathon to run this fall. Marathon running weight is exactly 25 pounds under where I am now, so I should be there in about 100 days.

Ramping up the running as well, going to push myself a little more each week as the weight goes down. In 100 days I should be running solidly about three miles without issue.

As for writing, ramping that up as well. I will start the second hundred days in five days. I will be close to finishing the book I am working on now then, so will start fresh on working on a bunch of books in the next 100 days.

Notice the nice timing with the ramping of running, loss of weight, and writing. All three will ramp together and I can remain focused for 100 days, even with a major trip in the middle.

And very slowly I will also start on building upper body strength.

So resetting after the Licensing Expo to focus on the summer. By the fall I want to be 25 pounds down and have long hair again. (grin)

And speaking of the Licensing Expo, on the Learn Along I put up five new videos tonight in the Expo section. Counting the Magic Bakery that is included, that might be the best workshop/lecture/whatever we have ever done, and it is a long, long ways from being done.