We Hear That All the Time…

Trust the Character… What it basically means is just stay true to the character you have set up in the opening of a story and let them tell the story to you. It is your creative voice playing through the character, but it is great fun to just follow a character you are writing just as you follow a character you are reading in another author’s book.

I am always surprised by my characters when writing.

Well, this last week I’ve been puttering along on a novel, not doing more than a thousand or two thousand words a day, even though I really like the main character and had got off to a good start with the book.

Then it dawned on me tonight that a secondary character in the book flat didn’t belong in the book and didn’t want to be in the book, or at least my creative voice didn’t want that character in the book.

That secondary character played a small part in my last Cold Poker Gang novel called Burn Card. And when I wrote those chapters in that mystery, I kind of knew that character would be a main character in two or three of the Cold Poker Gang novels. I didn’t plan it, just remember thinking it as I went along.

So that secondary character doesn’t want to be in this other book, in another series. Same character, both series set in Las Vegas, so the character is a cross-over. So finally tonight I realized why things were going along so slowly.

Not all sure what to do at this point. First time this has happened to me, but I clearly have that character on my mind since he ended up in this book in another series.

So guess I am just going to trust the character. I think I will back up in this novel I am working on to where that secondary character makes an appearance and delete everything and just go at it again from that point.

Or go write the Cold Poker Gang novel with that character starring in it. That is more than likely. I’ll sleep on it. See how the creative voice feels tomorrow.

Ahh, the fun of creation.