Two Very Different Things…

I know a ton of writers who can type and write per hour a lot faster than me. In fact half the writers taking the Speed workshop ended up being a lot faster hour-by-hour writers than I am.

So how in 2017 did I write seventeen novels and about sixty short stories and very, very few other writers did that much, not counting all the blogs and editing I did?

The answer: I spend more time in the chair.

And I have cleared out the myths.

I honestly don’t care what you think of Bob Ross, folks. But in two posts my writing was called “happy trees.” Now, I don’t often let insulting posts through, or posts I consider insulting even though they may not have intended them to be. This is MY BLOG after all.

But I let those two through and reacted to them because of how I took them. (Both writers have said that was not was intended and I believe them. They had no idea they were saying in their posts that they thought all I did was type fast to be prolific and have fun.)

But their comments and my reaction did bring up the fact that I was insulted by being called a fast typist who only writes happy trees.

Interesting, huh? Insulted by being thought of as a fast typist. Damn, I only wish I was to be honest. It would be so, so much easier on these blogs and letters to workshop writers and so on if I could type fast.

But I don’t. And I have been clear about that for decades. So by thinking I am a fast typist, that I write only short novels that are the equal to happy trees, it insulted how many hours I do spend writing.

Now, I know, not intended. I got that, so drop it. And listen to what I am trying to say here.

Being prolific does not mean fast typing.

Being prolific is having all the parts moving together, folks. I write clean one draft into the dark. I get most of my work out to readers quickly. I sell lots of copies of some books, not so many of others at least at first.

But most of all I have all the myths out of my way and I would not trade that for one second of being able to type faster.

So in those comments, and those defending the comments, I was pushed a lot of the myth that the only reason I am prolific is because I can move my fingers quickly.


I am prolific for the following reasons.

1… I love to tell stories.

2… I spend more time making up stories than other people do.

3… I don’t waste time writing stories ahead of writing them or going back over a story after it is done. Into the dark one draft clean and I have been doing that for thirty years now.

4… I have set up systems to get my work to readers quickly.

5… I have been at this for over forty years now.

I would love to be able to type faster and over the years my speed has increased slightly. But that has nothing at all to do with me being prolific or selling millions of copies of my books.