Four Main Ways…

To work with me on your writing and publishing business.

The most intense and regular way is to have me be your mentor for a year. There is one spot still open in that. I announced that spot three or four months ago and forgot to mention it didn’t fill.

Basically, as a mentor I am here for you when you need a question answered, to be talked off a ledge, or to proof your sales copy. I read anything you want me to read and I also have each person check in with me on Sunday to tell me what they have been doing or not doing. Check in is really critical.

In essence, I am a cheerleader most of the time.  Cost for a year (plus) is $3,000. Contact me if interested.

Second way to work with me is to do one of the two challenges. Either a short story a week challenge or a novel every two months challenge. Both are no lose because you get workshops when you miss, and if you don’t miss for an entire year, you get a lifetime subscription to something of your choice. Sign up for either on Teachable. You can start at any time.

Third way is to take a regular six-week online workshop. June list is available now on Teachable. Or even better yet sign up as a lifetime subscriber to the workshops and you can send me assignments for my feedback as fast as I can read them. Information on all of that is on Teachable.

Fourth way is to come to one of the large workshops we do here in Las Vegas. The next one is in October and is called the Master Business Class. I will be there along with about ten other instructors. Fantastic fun and spots still open in that at the moment. Check it out at

Someone asked me yesterday how they could work with me on writing and publishing stuff, so figured I would outline it here. If you need more information on anything, just write me.