Workshop Curriculum 8/15/2018

I’m going to divide these down into areas of study.

And the numbers are my suggestions on the order to take these workshops because many of them build on others. (Two types of workshops are included. Regular and Classic.)


1… Depth
2… Advanced Depth (Depth required)
3… Writing into the Dark (Depth suggested)
4… Teams (Depth suggested to help)
5… Research (Depth #3) (Depth required)
6… Information Flow (Depth required)
7… How to Use Tags (Depth required)
8… How to Study
9… Secondary Plot Lines
10… Advanced Character and Dialogue
11… Point of View (Depth suggested)
12… Author Voice (Depth suggested strongly, as well as Advanced Depth)
13… Endings
14… Pacing (offered Classic only)
15… Cliffhanger (offered Classic only)
16… Plotting with Depth (offered Classic only) (Depth required)
17… Novel Structure

These seventeen workshops will jump you so far ahead in your writing skills, you won’t be able to see it, but your friends and readers will. And I know, interesting that Teams workshop is the 4th most important, but trust me, it is a foundation course and important.

Don’t worry about the Advanced Character title in the Dialog workshop. It was just a name that got stuck on it to help people understand it.

One way to take all these courses at a reduced price is to sign up for the lifetime subscription to workshops. All of these workshops, classic and regular are in the subscription. Write me if interested or check it out on Teachable. And yes, if you have already taken a number of workshops, we give you a discount.


MORE CRAFT-FOCUSED COURSES (Depth suggested for all of them except Ideas)

… Character Voice (classic workshop)
… Adding Suspense (classic workshop)
… Ideas (classic workshop)
… Character Development
… Expectations (offered Classic Only)
… Writing in Series (classic workshop)
… Writing Short Stories

No suggested order on these, but the order above would do.



Don’t even think of starting into these workshops without first getting Lecture #1 Heinlein’s Rules. Or read my blog posts or get my book.

1… The Magic Bakery
3… Speed (Depth workshop suggested)
4… Productivity (classic workshop)
5… Edit Your Own Work



Don’t even think of starting into these workshops without first getting Lecture #1 Heinlein’s Rules. Or read my blog posts or get my book. Also, you might want to do Lecture #12… Stages of a Fiction Writer.

1… The Magic Bakery
2… Business
3… Sales Writing
4… Think Like a Publisher (going to classic)
5… Productivity (classic workshop)

The order above is my suggested order.



… Writing Mystery
… Writing Fantasy
… Writing Thrillers (classic workshop)
… Writing Science Fiction (classic workshop)
… Genre Structure (classic workshop)

The mystery workshop in this area can be used in most genres. Might want to take it even though you have no thoughts of being a mystery writer. Genre structure will help you figure out where to tag and list your books when putting them out for sale.

Feel free to write me with any questions on any of the workshops at