Getting the Next Four Months Scheduled…

And I have eight regular workshops a month. Down from twelve a month because a number have been moved to Classic Workshop status. So looking at scheduling a couple new workshops.

But… I have hesitations…

Time of Great Forgetting to start with. Why schedule and record a new workshop that almost no one will look at or even think of taking until August or September? Even lifetime subscribers are busy.

I could easily just leave the schedule at 8 per month instead of 10 per month for the next few months. So that is tempting.

Or I could record something that few will take anyway, but would be fun for me to do and learn from. Some of the possible workshops in that fun area are:

— Time Travel
— Western
— Attitude

All three of those would be a blast for me to record. Time Travel and Western would be writing craft workshops, the Attitude workshop would include writing and publishing sides.

So if I did one of those in June, another in July, then this fall Kris and I could get back to the more advanced stuff like advanced Pacing classes and Romance and Mixed Genres and Creating Memorable Characters that would take a lot more work and time to record.

So suggestions out of those three? I want to post the June workshops and the new schedule through September by the middle of the week.

I will tell you this… I would have fun with all three and I will learn a lot doing them.

No need to promise to take one. Just if one might interest you.

And, of course, the Lifetime Subscribers will automatically be enrolled, so you folks might want to speak up if you have a favorite or two.