Pop-Up #12 Now Available…

How to Write Successful Flash Fiction…

We tried to come up with a way to make this into a full workshop, but just not enough. But it fit perfectly in a Pop-Up.

And the fun story prompt on this one is to see if you can write a piece of flash fiction for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine. That’s right, I buy flash fiction at Pulphouse, but never much see it. So for this one Pop-Up, inside the deadline of the Pop-Up, if you write a piece of flash fiction that I think fits Pulphouse, I will make you an offer.

Only one chance, one story per person, and must be inside the deadline, which is fairly tight.

So grab this Pop-Up, learn what it takes and how to write successful Flash Fiction, and then see if I will buy your attempt for Pulphouse.

And if you don’t know what a Pulphouse Fiction Magazine type story is, might want to grab an issue, maybe Issue Zero, and read it. Just saying.

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