Habit of Writing Makes Everything Easier…

I have, regularly, over the years, written out of habit, meaning I write at the same time every day. And when doing that, and managing a decent amount every day, the writing just gets easier.

And I get a vast amount done.

In fact, when I am in that habit state, I wonder why I ever have days I don’t write.

So now, in my new place in Las Vegas, away from a house I lived in for 23 years and all the normal habits it gave me, I am finding it fascinatingly difficult to figure out a new writing habit.

I have a perfect new office, jazz playing lightly in the background, and I am losing weight and feeling healthy. I have nothing at all to stop me.

But no writing habit yet.

To push myself into getting into a habit, as many of you know, I challenged myself to ten books in 100 days. And the start, as I expected, has been slow. But the hardest part is not finding a habit yet. Or a schedule.

I know I will.

Just wanted to toss that out there as I struggle some with that concept on this Friday night.

And you know what is funny? I notice that I have no habit of writing now, but when I finally drop into a writing habit, I won’t notice, I will just be doing it.